Monday, 13 July 2009

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Okay, So I like have a stupid habit of intentionally missing busses, even while at the buss stop. I Cocked up this Bus stop playlist, for my hours of absolute solitude at the buss stop. And even when the bus arrives there is no way I'd press pause and be shot back into reality....................
1.Running up that hill by Placebo
This is what I do every morning before uni since I never get up on time. (let alone go to bed on time). Waking up 10 minutes before the bus leaves. Id push the entire contents of my table into my bag, pull on my clothes so fast that that there almost thorn in the process and Run up that my 8 inch heels.
2. Riot Van by The Artic Monkeys
Because I've always wished to be abducted by this cluttered Hippie van reeking of the past and running on the beautiful fuel of love and music. Bejeweled arms with reach out and pull me in, they'd rape me of all my obligations and stupid responsibilities...and I'd never be brought back.
3. Pearl Jam's cover of The Who's Baba O'Riley(Teenage Wasteland)
Because that was my take of uni....a fucking wasteland. A waste of a youths potential where instead of guiding one, they'll draw up directions to a place that couldn't possibly be foreseen in the now. I hold an appetite for knowledge and dont like to be told whats to be known.
4.Carry on my waywardson by Kansas
At the end of the day this song is what keeps me sitting on that uncomfortable piece of cold metal you call a buss stop. At the end of it all, when i finally get my piece of paper I can go away and do whatever I pleaz...I dont know what my future holds but im not just about ready to leave Law with the past
5.Crazy Train by Ozzy
.....its a good song I dont see why not? I will be honest never been an Ozzy fan, or a black Sabbath fan but I sure as hell am going to try finding on of those records which you could spin backwards and here those cool subliminal (did i spell that right?) messages on, that would be fucking awesome!

6.Ego tripping at the gates of hell by Flaming lips (couldnt find the actual song)
Why? Well i spend like 75% of my time away reality. Why exist within a realm where you dont hold the power to make your own laws, choose your own fate and be who you are.
7.Where is my mind covered by The Yeah yeah yeahs (couldnt find the song on youtube so the pic will link you to placebo's cover)
Can anyone out there honestly say that there 100% themselves? and not a self that fears that a word or action they'll make will hurt someone elses feelings, and how you keep telling yourself that its okay, putting someone elses feelings before yours. Not meeting up to there expectations.

How do you know that your the way you are because you where ment to be this way and not made to be this way.
And if you do have an answer to my question how do you know that your(?) answer hasn't already been pre mediated into you by someone els existent belief of life.

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