Thursday, 9 July 2009

Oh my god she would never wear this out....would she?

This look was coined as a Grunge Golfer.... I have been listening to the Yeah yeah yeahs all week now and am totally obssesed with the song Zero. Oh and i love how someone left a comment about my Janet Jackson abbs (hahaha) I must be honest I hate my abs and im working on getting rid of them i just have an obssesion of lying on the living room floor and doing sit-ups while watching tv, sitting around and doing nothing really drives me crazy that my life has become all about multi tasking. You could have a conversation with me, yet I would be pre occupied with a project im working on and what interiror my aparments going to have
Wearing: Marine somethign shirt, Suede harem pants from Zara, Grey jumper and beanie from H&M daddy's socks and my bra hahaha


They call me the boss said...

guess who's back?

Einstein ~ "Fantasy is more important than knowledge"
sooo...Don't hate on me just cuz im retarded, listen to einstein for a while will you?

btw I just love the broom on the first pic, so rad!

Soman said...

hahaha jocke!


heyy, i've the exact faux-leather studded cuff! lol!

love your abs btw, i hate mine. ugh!

meow meow said...

love the docx

CMA said...

fun outfit
loving the bra top
gorgeous blog, im always a fan
youre comments are always appreciated, thanks so much!!
keep it up, youre beautiful darling!

check out my blog @

The Queen of Hearts said...

This post reminds me of the Seattle grunge era, very 90s, very Eddie -- I love it.

Taryn Andre said...

well you definitely took major risks... :-)

Ms.B said...

it's kinda interesting....but would be better for a fashion spread than real life...reminds me of Janet's "you want this" video...Everything is a "go" except for the bra

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? The bra looks horrible, as does the rest of the look. I like your blog, but your outfits have been going downhill lately. I know you're probably going to have a long rant post about my comment so before you start, note that I say this out of love. I believe in you and I know you can dress better.

Life99 said...

You're so bold...admirable.

Anonymous said...

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