Thursday, 9 July 2009

10 things about you....?

Im aware that I've been tagged for some blog award...sorry if i haven't gotten to it yet but im...really lazy and I don't really think anyone is really that interested in knowing 10 true things about me hahaha. I don't really lie about what I am so that would be a hard one to answer. If you do want to know something about me or simply want an explanation for any rude language or behaviour....Bite me.
Great basics to invest in this sale, Ive seen loads of similar pieces at pretty wallet friendly prices. There bound to become closet Staples for next season as well for the future.
The Comfort and versatility (+plus affordability) is a good enough reason to invest and get creative with, So pleas go get your harem pants and cropped tops, lace/sheer fabric garments cuz these are the new pieces to help bail you out of those "I dont know what to wear?" days.
Brand: Stapel

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