Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I figured I'd share a mentality I carry around when shopping. Reading magazines pretty much every other day gets you fantasizing abut having that amazing closet filled with designer clothes, yet the reality is your not so capable wallet.

So when out and about, if im not able to splurge I'm never put of from achieving that delux look I constantly read about. I'f you havent already noticed i spend far to mch money at Topshop and my closet is a testimate to that. It used to be funny but when you leave the house dressed top to toe in Topshop you feel a little ridicouluse. I hate people that step into trendy stores and buy everything in there thinking it could make you look trendy.....hahhaha and now im a victim of that!!!

I dont know I guess its just much easier walking into topshop cuz they always seem to have what im looking for. I have three pit stops
Topshop, Zara and H&M thats my routin, it's the most convinient way of shopping for me, I dont really shop anywhere else unless theres a sale or if a new seasons arived and theres a specific piece im looking for.

I've shared here The A Wang looks that can be found at Topshop for those interested, I also shared this becuase I felt that the SS09 collection was particullary savy in the way that its somthing you could live of for the rest of your youth if you'd like, very versitel in the way you could switch peices around and the colour pallet is very season freindly.

No matter what comes down the runway I know that I will be refrencing Alexander wangs Grunge and sporty looks for a while.


Anonymous said...

your not alone in topshop addiction.. i think i have one too! haha

It should be like alcoholics anonymous! but like.. T.A.A.. topshop addicts anonymous!

Kay @


Anonymous said...

great points
thanks for sharing
love the pieces you picked out here

check out my blog @

salene said...

argh I wish we had topshop in New Zealand!!!!

This is so depressing, haha, such cool pieces!

But neat post, its nice to know its possible to look cool and alexander wang esque grunge for a affordable cost!

Cool blog.

Anonymous said...

oh my god. GOD I WISH I HAD THE MONEY. (and topshop in town.)

these are fucking amazing.

angel said...

hi, j'adore ur blog, the denims are back in fashion and i'm almost constantly goin thru my moms old closet to pick out those vintage denims. lol. im a newbie to blogging and here's a link to my blog:

hope u'll check it out :)