Friday, 13 June 2008

My dad: Are you wearing a Costume?

I am a Big fan of Alice in Wonderland, my outfit here however looks like more of a tribute to Gossip Girl. I MISS IT SO MUCH, come back already!! I swear i am going to Scre........ okay lets get one thing straight, that flab does not exist in reality and my top just rolled up! -(sorry a lil insecure and dont want the wrong image of me coming out :op)

Hippie- May wanted to join in on the fun. Okay gotta watch Buffy now -(YES I WATCH BUFFY!)


kitty kate said...

my god, you are adorable ;)
lets trade links??

Taghrid said...

super cute! i love the outfit and the bow and the bag!!

Taghrid said...

btw, i always get the" are you wearing a costume" from my parents lol

Anonymous said...

Love the bag!