Thursday, 12 June 2008

Went dress Hunting today, although my Economics exam is tomorrow. My mom convinced me that TK Max may be holding some interesting dresses. They probably may but the thing is, this is the place where everyone will be Looking and Buying their dresses, so theirs like a 65% chance that ide be wearing the exact same dress, as 3 other people!
I dont know i tried this one on because i liked the colour and the detailing at the bottom, and the bow that you can tie on the back. It's fitted (XS) for sure but my mom said quote

-"your gut is showing.."

What! Can you really see it, i have a barely there waist when i stand to the side!
Anyway its not strapless, but my mom still liked it -"as long as its a small" my sister taught it was fine as well. I dont know still inlove with my Citrus Baby from River Island.

-(cute shoes)
What do you guys think? Buy it and risk finding someone else wearing the exact same thing or keep on looking.

Oh my mom suggested something PINK, had to say no, but it was cute, reminded me of the dress Chloe Sevingy wore by Luella. the rose gives it that 3.1 Phillip Lime vibe.

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