Sunday, 15 June 2008

Aaaagh! shouldn't be online right now, got the worlds hardest Law Exam tomorrow, and i dont have a good feeling about this.
Just wanted to share what i wore today and to add i found my Prom dress. It wasn't in a colour that ide ever dream of wearing, and actually is a colour that doesn't even exist in my ever expanding wardrobe so it really stands out (its not pink, but do guess if you like) i wont show a pick of it, you'll have to wait till prom for that.
Oh i found a great leather jacket at Zara, didn't buy it since it was like £150!!! and i figure with the price way up that high it might be really leather, and i dont wear animals
found this dress at Karen Millen, my dad liked it and this is before i found my prom dress, but i didnt believe coughing up £180 on a dress id wear once was worth it (id buy shoes for that much though...cant get enough of them)
Inlove with these heels, im gonna beg my parents for these!


Val said...

That zara jacket is INCREDIBLE. And that dress is gorgeous. Do show us pictures of your outfit once prom rolls along. :]