Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I have fallin in love!!!! and no not with a boy(or a girl) or a new pair of shoes. But a Game! As well as being a comic book manga and psychology freak, im a game freak (im surprised i even have time to get dressed so chickly..) My longest obsession is The Sims 2, but that's not the game i want to share with you today. The game is Rock Band! I love love love my Guitar Hero 3, as i had the opportunity to rock out to some of my favourite songs, without having to air guitar like an idiot with my ipod plugged in my ears. Rock Band gives you that ultimate band experience. Ive always wanted to be in a band (got over it when i turned 15) and play the drums. Drums is a mayor turn on for me and playing them seems to be a natural talent for me as well. Oh how i crave this game but the price its at (£150) my dad will only give me that cash if i agree not to ask for anything insane for my birthday (and he fan F that cuz im turning 18 and ive already got my list) so...ugh wait now i forgot what the point of this post was?

What you'd you call your band? (ide call mine Silent Shout)

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Fü¢k¡n˝ ©@ññ0n said...

I'm part of a group called CHD... but I'm working on putting together another group, so... watch out for that... hawtness