Sunday, 15 June 2008

My idol's

Andy Warhol: His ground breaking Pop Art, that sent a grey and depressing American society into technicolour. In his days the watch will stop, he experienced more than just 15 minutes of fame. As long as his art exist he will truly be immortal.
Karl Lagerfeld: Introduced to modern woman, his fashion has always been the embodiment of every woman's dream wardrobe. His youth may be slowly fading away, but, his look remains forever young.
Edie Sedgwick: Lived a short life, yet the days she were alive, she carried an essence of life and style, that could outlive us in our lifetime.

-There all great, and they've all got silver hair, that what i Love about you guys!


elins said...

oh! what a coincidence, i just saw factory girl, and if you havn't seen it; it's about andy and edie!

Rich Hippie said...

Iv'e seen it and is by far one of my fave movies!!!