Wednesday, 18 June 2008

hahaha guess nobody liked the outfit i wore yesterday...anyway, ive gone through the hassle as to actually finding The Topshop 2008 collection and i finally found it, i kinda make a plan/budget as to what my purchases in fall will be, i never shop winter collections since it never get to cold here and even when it those, i dont give a shit Sweden is much worse. (fave look, The lumber jacket in the mesh of a leather jacket look is so new and appealing, a must have for my new Hippie Grunge Look which im currently creating for this fall)View the whole collection+prices Here


Ragamuffin said...

Oh my! I must have that jacket! I wish it were fall right now and not this 100 degree weather! Oh and your outfit was fab yesterday haha

Rich Hippie said...

hahah thanks, sorry if you felt obligated to actually say that :p

aziza said...

I love the pairing of that jacket with the sweater underneath.

Also, I think I'm in love with the new collection.