Friday, 6 June 2008

Now I've written 4 exams so far and only...5 to go. Oh well next one isent until next week so now i can sit and plan what im going to wear to Prom. So far i havent had any luck while out in the stores. Im looking for something strapless, short and fitted.

Allot of dresses that i found where in black, which is great if i didnt already have 8 LBD's in my closet....Nothing hochie...ehm colours are Jewel coloured. Like wine red, Navy Blue, Purple or Deep green. I do however have nothing against opting for something yellow which is the one i think im actually going to buy. The dress is from River Island and its perfect, maybe not colour wise bit its perfect in every other area!!!
Here are some of the stuff i found online, but im going out on Sunday with my mom. Love this white one from asos since it so couture with the Ginvechy'esk bottom. But i dont wanna do white on prom, i mean in Sweden it's a tradition to go white with a sailor cap and all (wish i was doing it the way my brother and all my friends are gonna do it when they graduate next year, since im graduating a year earlier)
Sorry if i didnt post where all the dresses are from and the price but you can just ask. This one is from Karen Millen

ehm most from Asos i might be the only person on earth that doesn't really like that store) and some from Warehouse and River Island (they yellow and red one is)

- i would love some help with great dresses you might have seen around!


Anonymous said...

Hello. Are you stationed in Britain?? I was In Edinburgh 2/3 weeks ago and saw this GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL strapless dress in Oasis..It was bottom was black with white material at the boobs and some sort of knot/bow thing (like on the 1st black dress) across the chest. Yes, i realise i make it sound exrtremely weird and potentially horrible, but it was really really cutE!

Becca said...


OMG does dresses are sooo lovely i wish tha they shipped things to Sweden, or do they?.....i would die for the yellow one.. i think you shuld go with some brighter colours because of your skin så pick the Yellow one..