Friday, 13 June 2008

Today's outfit, is a different version of what i wore yesterday. I had my last economics exam today and i felt that it went pretty well! I mean i taught i was about to fail the whole thing (i mean i wrote it today which is like BAD LUCK day!)But it went great and even do my pen ran out, it was just after i finished the last question...just dint get the chance to right a plea at the end to the exam board to pleas give me an A.
-hey it doesn't hurt to ask
Shirt: Marine something?

Short-Shorts: Topshop

Bowl Hat: H&M

Ankle Boots: Topshop

Bag: Chanel Cabas Vinly something something

.......Alright The End


madalena said...

thanks for your comment!!

you look so gorgeous in this outfit!

I love everything!

And the bag... I dream of it every night since I saw it first time!!

your blog is great ;]

kiss kiss

Jay said...

cute outfit really