Tuesday, 30 November 2010

....The woman in my life

I'm trying to update this blog as often as I can because if it weren't for you guys I wouldn't have been able to have met or experience half the things this blog brought me......
.....Alright that's about enough of my sentimental side (blagh)
Now on a more interesting note, in the next 7 days I'll share with you, the Woman in my life who may have played a part in making me into who I am today.
NOW arguably male role models have dominated my character/personality, but I think it is more fitting to share the Ladies in Lady's life....
First up Brenda Walsh
.....yes she's a bitch, she always gets her way, yes she only thinks about herself...and then others.
She's what I've failed to not to become.
I've always known what I want, gotten what I've wanted and can often turn into a bitch if you try to make me compromise.
So why do I look up to her other than being a huge 90210 fan?
She's not a people please and the thing I need from people in life, is honesty
......but I am a nice person, even when I try not to be.
Oh and before I forget...

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What: Discussion, Q&A, and book signing

Sadly I've got Uni and live across the pond but it sure shouldnt stop you natives from going

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