Friday, 26 November 2010

I originally planned on a post which would be much like the interviews you could read in the ELLEments of Style book.
But as much as I tried to edit my wardrobe into favourite pieces I felt like the end collage didn't represent me at all.
I've come to realize that I cant be defined by the cloths I wear.
I mean there are some solid trends in my closet

-I demand versatility
-there is no such thing as formal and casual wear
-I only buy stuff in black, navy blue grey and white, precisely in that order
(everything else i own has either been handed down to me, gifted, or carry some sentimental value, and goes in the candy box)
-I demand simplicity in cloths!!!
-.......and extravagance in shoes(always)

I DONT wear pants that often and whenever i do its made out of why do i own 37 pairs?
The element of my style is, it will never define me, im not exactly a dull person without my closet but i will admit that's the first thing people notice about me.....

(Front and back view, Fave DIY croped top at the moment)
NOW to announce the winner of the giveaway is....


"I would never like to think that clothes define me and in many ways I hate 'fashion' but I love that you can express so much of yourself through clothing."


Elle said...

Ohh wow, I'm so chuffed! Thanks dude, cheered my shitty day right up :). Really looking forward to reading the book, it sounds great.

Great post by the way, and those t shirts are too good. xx

Céline K.G said...

i don't know why do i like so much to see the wardrobe of other people. but i love yours ;)

xoxo, céline

Anonymous said...

Acabo de añadir el feed a mis favoritos. Me gusta mucho leer sus mensajes.