Thursday, 11 November 2010

Just finished reading The ELLEments of Personal Style and I must admit I wasn't expecting much besides the usual tip on how every girl needsa little black dress....
The book invites you into 25 fiercely diverse Women's closets and what makes there polished loubitons, personal.
The book's like a socialites clutch bag, is crammed with allot juice information.
Where talking personal quotes images and sides to these woman, you wouldn't find on today's information free world wide web.

I've always enjoyed people and there identities more than I've love fashion.
Finding out why a person looks a certain way is always more intrigue then where they bought it.

It's nice read and it truly let's you discover allot about yourself,
for example out of the all the woman featured in the book you id never guess that
this Retro Madden would have caught my unlinered eye....

No the, lady that taught me a thing or two about being who you love
and whole lot more was Dita Von Teese.

From being linked to shock rocker Marlin Manson and make getting naked in front of an audience
seem classy.
She's truly authentic when it comes to being true to the (life)style
She's made me want to act more like a Lady because in despite of my name
.....there is absolutely nothing graceful about me.

I do recommend this book as it's not just another
one of those how to fashion books

However I will be giving away a copy of this book to the one reader that can
answer this "easy" question....

"what Ellement of your style makes it so personal?"

Email your answer to me at
Or leave a comment on this post. A picture featuring your look would be great but isn't necessary

The winner will be picked on the 21st November


estroJen said...

my element of style:

the freedom that my clothes bring me because I don't stick to a particular style people can visually see I am happy and comfortable in my own skin

the moonchild said...

element of style: kickass freedom to do whatever i like.


awesome blog, following.

come by sometime?

Marian said...

this is one of my fave books currently on my coffee table. the visual inspiration is wonderful

tastythreads said...


my personal element of style?:

I always like to keep it effortless, not forced. That usually means wearing something worn-in or borrowed from my parents wardrobe.



element of style: personality.

Rhai and Coi said...

My element of style that makes is so personal is my CONFIDENCE. Confidence is the most important thing that a person must have without it even you are wearing a Lanvin or Lous Vuitton it will just look like you are wearing some unbranded items. There is this saying that" FORGET EVERYTHING IN YOUR HOME BUT NEVER EVER FORGET YOUR CONFIDENCE. It's about dealing with people around you and if you are confident enough everything about you is beautiful even you are just wearing some unbranded items.




Elle said...

Hey heyy! What a great competition! I'll have a bash.

The element of my style that makes it so personal... my staples. The looks that I can pick up off the floor or the laundry bin and throw on that is just 'me' (which usually just consists of boots, a blazer and a neck scarf..). And my taste for things that a lot of people would think are hideous, but that makes me love them even more. Clothes can be a massive 'fuck you' to the system :P.

I would never like to think that clothes define me and in many ways I hate 'fashionn' but I love that you can express so much of yourself through clothing.

Elle said...

Woops, didn't put an email.

Anonymous said...

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