Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ghost World....

I TOTally want to get green hair this fall, I honestly think I could pull it off!
Movie inspiration today.
I frankly turned it of every ten minutes as there was never really anything...intriguing about it. It wasnt until I saw how troubled Enids relationships where that I understoon how/why I was so bored with the movie....It was real.
Anyway im not about to go into how much my life, or my relationship with my bestfriend met the same awkward fate as Enids and hers, the known reality that where know longer who we used to be and therefore wouldnt stand each others guts....

No Im just going to let you watch the movie
I did however get a bit chocked up at the end when....oh crap I guess that would be a spoiler hahahah

Update.UPDATE: sorry moved my reply to anonymous down to the comment section.


Anonymous said...

I love you style a lot. However, I have a question and I hope you don't take it personally because it is not an attack toward you. You stated in the past that you go to law school (to become a lawyer?. So, I was wondering how do those that are in law school/workplace treat you? Do they take you seriously despite the way you dress? Also, have you taken any internship? If yes, do you dress they way you do daily at your internship? If not, can you take some pic of how you dress when you at your internship or law school? I am just curious. Thanks

Rich Hippie said...

Update: hahaha OKAY, im not going to freak out at my anonymous commentator. Yes Im in my final year of Law and Nobody I know has really commentated on what I wear in a professionally sense. I get remarkes, mostly about how different I look and how they like it but never really any sort of constructive sort of criticism.
I can imagine some people not liking what I wear but I generally dont care. Im more concerned with people not seeing me for who I am rather than reflecting a false image of myself.
I do however understand that in certain situations there are codes of dress that has to be respected and in that event I don't mind dressing accordingly.
Im currently in the process of setting a date for when I am going to take my Internship and there's no way I am going to show up the way I usually dress. I respect professional environments and know that it is no place to "make a statement". All thats expected of me is to go in assume my role and go home.
Ehm however about taking a picture of how I would dress in such a demanding environment is not going to happen.
I wear A basic blue collar shirt, black pants or pencil skirt paired up with heel of the same colour.
My blog, is a reflection of me and I dont do photo opps. To put that up wouldn't tell you anything about myself and I wouldnt understand why that would be of any interest to you.
I like to separate me from my professional self. My biggest fear is to become another one of those..sorry...miserable adults that that thinks the suit makes them who they are, or another one of those individuals that believe that image is everything. I dont like to be judged by what I wear and I dont believe me changing my look would make me in anyway more truthful to you or me. I wouldn't trust a man in a suite as much as I would a man in a yellow unitard hahaha
So if that answers you question, GREAT.
Thanks for the question, I can understand how the way I am may be a bit confusing. Allot of people find me peculiar and I wouldn't mind if they just asked me why.
Dont worry if this doesn't answer your Q's I dont mind answering any others.

Nevena said...

one of my favourite movie :)

Anonymous said...


This is me that asked. Thanks for taking the time asnwering my question. I asked because I will be entetring colllege as well, and I have asked myself if it is time to change the way I dress. No one has never really made mean comments about the way I dress to my face, but you never know with people. So, thanks for answering and I agree with most of what you said.