Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Bittersweet sight of Dirty Doc martens

It was something AM and she's still up. Real tired but couldnt quit go to bed. Even her unconscious reality, was to real to bear. Listening to Dinosour Jr, pretending to know the words to Green Mind. Got the worst hay fever ever. Wondering why she has so much to do and not done anything about it. The skin behind her ear is really sensitive. loves the way her mascara looks two days on. She bites a few and never all her nails. Loves to rub her cheek against her on shoulder like a cat. It always feels like what his shoulder would feel. Always gets a sickening feeling when she realizes how sorry she feels for herself. Im ment to be happy, Im ment to be happy I sort of got it all, right?

So far everyone else has got there happy ending.

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