Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dress up: MiLK

Probably the saddest girl in the world, wonderfully gorges Signe from the Milk blogg seems to have it all. Great body, face, hair(im sorry I've got the African frizz as well so I know that your half way strands must be better than mine) HAWT boyfriend(I swear ive been perving over every bloggers BF's..... yours to "ELLanor put your boots on", I swear its like every bloggers BF has to look like they belong to a Abercrombie & Fitch ad campaign), great apartment (im moving back to Sweden after graduation and price isnt a problem, but if you want a great place in Stockholm, GET ON A 5 YEAR WAITING LIST). Now I could keep going on but that would just lower mine and probably everyone else's self esteem....

True to her aesthetic, this 90's maiden knows everything there is to know about the style without actually being a real "fashion" blogger. She's not that into fashion and frankly could care less, but she's got a PERSONALstyle which arguably is the entire point of the whole blogg medium. To vent who you are out to the rest of the world, telling other girls how cool its is to be you. Which in her case is real, honest and painfully true. I've been following her blogg from the beginning as well, and if I recall correctly she started writing because of a minor head injury she had which left her house bound one summer and so she needed a new medium of entertainment. Her blogg is rather therapeutic and sometimes upsetting, she really is a good example of "Dont judge a book by its cover....or synopsis" She's not the happiest girl in the world, but I will go as far, without knowing her and say, she's still is the luckiest girl in the world.

What She Would wear:

She dresses generally basic, almost like a person that dosnt shop cuz you never have an idea were she may have found her clothes, otherwise she can often be found wearing American Apperal back when she used to work there.

What She Should Wear:

I wouldn't change her. Theres something desperately real about her and it would be wrong of me to talk about how amazing and original she is and then try to attempt to change her......and to be frank I honestly dont know what id do with her she's just perfect even if its not my idea of a perfect look. Her ability to look the way she does is an accomplishment in itself.....

Check her out at her out as she has returned back to her old blogg

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Dee O. said...

VERY cool :) I had never heard of her blog before, I really like it!