Tuesday, 11 November 2008

So haven't really been writing much about what Ive been up to lately, maybe because its absolute boring shit. Ive got allot of course work to be done so and I'm considering abandoning this blog for a while (i might be lying through my teeth)
Interesting fact though I'm researching Burberry's business accounts so not to much academic stuff to bore me, oh and Ive got a legal case report which is absolutely boring!!
So whats keeping me from slitting my throat with a ruler, a much dreamt of shopping spree!!! I'm home for the week so that mean money in the bank, just stuck between whether i should shop here in Southampton or when i go back to Brighton
Dilemma...tell me about it.

Maybe Just maybe will i ask my sister to take on outfit pic of me, maybe then may you guys see my new heels!!


Champagne said...

Very nice. very nice indeed. I'd wear it. Well, maybe not the pants, I being 4'9" they'd probably look weird on me.

roxanne said...

that sequined sweater dress! need.

Nina said...

Please convince your sister, haha.

Krystal said...

i got a coat like that from topshop. i think they still have it. got the balmains too xx