Thursday, 27 November 2008

Hi guys and sorry for the lack of post updates it just that..... know what f*ck my excuses, i study law which is a super demanding degree here at uni and am just really stressed and pissed and confused! Oddly though most of the reasons for these feelings aren't related to my studies....
I just realized today that I've gotten 12 followers, how amazing is that, people still follow my blog

By next year im considering documenting nightlife street style. I've seen so many blogs on street style which i love, but not one thatsfocused mainly on how creative people get before going out. Their simply are no boundaries and i am just so inspired by the many creechiers that crawl out at night.
So get ready for a whole lot more excitement on this blog from 2009 onwards.
I know CobraSnake those something in this nature, but id say it focused more on the, well drunkenness... dont get me wrong love that site

Alright written far to much......

Shirt: Topshop *new
Grey Cardi drapecloke, hobo rag thing: Zara (my new fave piece in my closet)
Navy blue jeans: Ceap Monday
Furry hat: Some Danish market
Suede Ankle Boots: Topshop
Leather bag: Topshop
Okey dokey....
Ps. Luxurious Grunge post come up like on Sunday, for those who rmeber its a look ive been working on, ill try to make one on hobo chic to later. This way people might understand my current look.


lisa said...

love that grey cardigan sweater, looks so comfy and amazing!!!
kisses from vegas

Anonymous said...

this is so Lumber jack grunge love it from your close friend LOL