Tuesday, 29 April 2008

To days outfitto is....well? I don't know i just wanted to wear something simply yet chic without getting myself late for class in the morning its a modern twist on the traditional Greek goddess wear, with a slight similarity to what was showcased at Gucci's fall/winter collection (haha or maybe not but you might figure out the prints corresponding to whats going on in my scarf rather the dress, bag belt etc..)
I'm wearing a long dress, jacket and blazer...and leggings from H&M
Bag from Topshop

you cant see my shoes here since i was indoors (raining all day) but there just like these


CHIC NOIR said...

I saw your cooment at skiny gene's blog. I like your blog a lot. CAn I add you to my blog roll?

stilettostetico said...

Or a mix of "urban Goddess" Allure, full of pretty casualness . . . and "Pocahontas" Style !!!
a Refreshing cocktail !!!

Rich Hippie said...

trebien (i failed frecnh so if a spelled it wrong sorry..) hahah wow you seriosully blow my mind, i could learm alot from you. And ofcourse you can Chic Noir it would be an honor

Anonymous said...

JOKES. aha veryy good.
u almsot got me.
its so obvs ur not wearing those shoes u have the sepearte pic of..lol
i mean first of all the carpet is very different and secondly ur not walking that shot fo you,
also, i saw the exact same bag in h+m
so..er yeah
but apart from that
quite nice...