Friday, 25 April 2008

Todays Outfitto

Today's outfit really stopped people (this time not for my extra ordinary beauty) The whole Stop and think really got people to...STOP AND THINK. Like one my way home some lady was walking with her Pitt bull (kept running into my shoulder bag to make it swing around)the dog stopped to take a shit and she was going to just let it lay there, but then when she saw the message on my Tisha she actually STOPed...AND looked like she was actually THINKing
An suddenly decided to pic it up. I had alot of interesting encounters like this but i dont like blogs that write so much crap so here my outfitto.

Hoddie= my little sisters

Tisha= Katherin E Hamnet H&M Aids top.

Silky Jeans= H&M

Platforms= Aldo

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