Sunday, 6 April 2008

Those It Look Like ide steal something...I mean come-ON!

God...Today was like...INSANE. Now the number of emabrassing and every week, should have prepared encounters i have through each me for shit to happene. So let me sahre with you my most recent embarresment.

It all started with me being woken up by my dad saying calling "It's snowing everybody"- now i didnt beelive it since i opened my eyes and the sun was shinning straight into my eyes (almost made me blind) but when i got up to my window, it looked like a freaking Christmas card out there. Almost wanted to cry as ide picked out an adorable dress to wear today to go shopping in.

3 hours later, it looked like spring again and which was a joy. but didnt feel like slapping on my dress anymore as it just felt silly.

Now everytime i go to the mall (West Quay they call it) My routin stoips are, French Connection then Zara as there both on the bottem floor. Then i move on to the second floor and go to my...guilty pleasure...H&M! They didnt have that much new stock other then what i bauhgt (Navy Blazer, Rolling stones T and black T with nice scoop neck). Now once i purchase these items and hed out on my way to Topshop, the exit alarm thing goes i stood there for a while encase anyone would think it where me cuz i aint going to run away like a stole something, but nobody seemed to care. So i hed out and as im walking i hear this guy calling after me (for you guys who know me you'll probably figure out who) i turn around embarrassed to not have notice him running after me. Now he politely asked if i could follow him back cuz he has to check my BAG! I wanted to Die seriously, i didnt steal anything? so i was like okay and he smiled and said he was sorry...seriously what was he sorry about?

He looks through my entire bag checks what Ive purchased (he's now bent down like in the middle of the floor looking through my bag! He checking literally everything inside it...still apologising....) I wanted to fucking scream as people where totally starring. He then realises that someone forgot to remove the tag on one of my items but checked on the receipt that i had payed for it. He again, apologises (whats that stupid song that goes by the same name featuring Timberland?..they should have played that) He asks me if he could quickly remove the tag and hand it back to me, which i obviously! would like him to do. Get it back he....apologises again (i know its so annoying shut up already) and hands it back i say it okay (yeah right im never coming back u soon of a...) smile and leave immediately.

Sorry about the pics im super tired and as u can see my rooms a mess and had to take them quick.

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