Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Oh my god i have a problem.....

(this blog should be called confessions of a shopaholic) I've just spotted yet another item that getting me to itch for purchase. This lovely pair is from Topshop and are retailing for £80 (1200kr for the non-britts). Seriously i cant keep this up, because i know that once i step into that store i will buy them without a hesitation, I CANT FREAKING STOP MYSELF. I've tried everything! I even got one of those piggy banks that you have to open with a can opener, trying to squeeze my card and any spare change i had into it, but just ended up opening it the day after. Im not giving my card to my dad cuz then i most defiantly wont get it back...which could drive me crazy cuz you want the freedom to cave in when possible.

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