Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My Day in Brighton

Went to Brighton today to check it out since ill be going to University there this September. I must say it really is London by the Beach! It's such a great place, very cosmopolitan, got great shopping...yeah that's all i needed to see! -sorry about the boys in the pic they where just so kean to see moi!
Here are my new baby's! - from Aldo £70 loving them and so are the pedestrians
Sweating as hell in the car taught the sun was gonna melt my chocolate skin.....
Photo i took, this place looks like freaking California and the people here seems so relaxed (they've even got designers stores at the pier!!)
Skies blue and loving it, munching on some fish and chips (first time Ive tried it) and hated it...Ugh!


Anonymous said...

these shoes look adorable!!

jenny h. said...

i loveeee brighton!
i was there all over spring break :)