Friday, 18 April 2008

Stepped into my store of guilt (no not H&M) Aldo, and spotted a pair heels that's been walking around in my head for weeks now. I'm still not sure if a should purchase this pair as i dont see that many occassion (however i do see a couple of outfits) that ide actually pic them up and wear them to(there not exactly walk 30 mins to school suited). There gloss and presence makes them a pair that you'd only put in your room for display. Howeever if your about to cough up a solid £70 for them you'd wanna re-think. I love them but was able to kick it out my mind by blowing, a mind blowing £140 at some other pieces of crap (clothing) for pleasure. Clemce here however has brought them back to haunt me, she mad them look so good.- image from Nylon shoot
What do you think are they Sweet as candy or sour as the lemon Colour they posses?

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