Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Icon of the week

Kirsten Dunst has an creative and divided sense of style inspiration. What would be seen as a traditional look on anyone else is made effortlessly beau by her. Looking like a mesh of Siennna Miller and Chloe Sevingy, Kiki sure has found a great match for her NoSL (pronounced nuzzle) "not-so-lame" everyday look. Some great days for miss Dunst(excluding when she got to kiss brad in that Vamp movie):Sure if you got great legs -whats that girls? Thats right flaunt them! This is the girl that could master a T as if it were a Haut Couture gown, custmed desgined for her.

Is that sienna..? Sure knows how to dress like a girl that knows what she's doing A summer must have is to get that leather jacket ready to pear it up with a floral print dress in order to achieve a Ruff and soft look. Femininty comabined with an edgy Biker chic, it's all about the split personalities this summer

The End is sweet, basic and chic, the three must Be's for a fashionista

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