Thursday, 18 March 2010

My spring/summer essentials

All about leather, military styled blazers and well haven't found my Parker yet but ill get there(dont really think the Parker's really me but i love the idea of pairing one up with leather pants) I've spotted this amazing tail blazer at Zara which i believed that if i changed the golden buttons for silver, slip in some shoulder pads, stud the entire shoulder and get a couple of broshes it be good to go? We all cant afford(let alone get our hands on...)Blamian

(Maxi) Dresses
I only wear Super long or super short dresses(and skirts) its the only way i can play with my height and at 5' kind of have to. You elongate(love that word) your legs under long dresses with super high wedges ( a la Rachel Zoe) or create the sexy illusion of long legs in a short skirt and high heels.
Khaki is like the black girls equivalent of the nude trend this season as it makes your skin glow.
I'm not looking at prints or crazy colours this season. Those items tend to be one hit wonders and are rarely used again(in my closet a have a box which a call my trick or treat box which is packed with colourful clothes and crazy prints......its rarely opened)

Cycle shorts, leather (and high waisted suede once coming soon to Zara) and mesh skirts are the bottoms ill be sporting this summer (all in black with the exception of grey) I'm contemplating a floral maxi skirt or a pair of high waisted floral shorts, but that's me being crazy....just like how i cant stop listening to Boston in the summer.

Their pretty self explanatory....I love shoes(and its impossible to track those darn Chloe docs down and whenever i do Ive spent all my money and when i do have it their never around and i buy something else....HELP)

Wang, wang, wang. I really want that backpack but I can be pretty paranoid and would always turn around just to check that nobody picked something out of my bag.

I'm not big on accessories but i must get a huge ring


The Style Revolution said...

I love these. Incredible pieces!!!!!

enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

I like those rings , just because they look huge.

Anonymous said...

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CĂ©line KG. said...

Want all the piece...Oh god, Jil Sander Ring...<3..
& the wang Backpack...
ARG...Chloe Docs'... & Acne wedges...Leather short & a parka...
Same choices :D

emily viveur said...

great pieces, really inspiring post! i love the rings and i totally know what you meant when you were talking about the maxi dresses...i'm 5'3" too.


Dubai's it girl said...

I love the Acne boots. I just ordered a pair and can't wait to put them on!

Love the blog. I am now a follower.

Tc, Nia B

Champagne said...

Yeah I agree about every piece here. I tried on some really killer biker leather shorts in a store all the Oak( I was sad that I couldn't get it.