Monday, 1 March 2010

looking good dosnt come sheep

....ive spotted some already cool coats in stores right now and for those who dont know about this nice trick, is to ALWAYS keep your eyes pealed around this time of year. where in that holly moment where its to cold for the spring wear and to hot for last seasons coats.
With next seasons fashion being showcased now look out for trends and be sure to get them on sale the season before.
All Saints water fall coat is way to expensive and way to hot for now so im watching it like a hawk.

Totally agree with anonymous by the way, if a knock-off on fur and leather can look just as good i dont see the reason why we cant spare the poor animals this pain.
I must however admit a do own a real leather jacket a rabbit fur coat...but in my defence i the jacket my mom got me and the coat i got for free at some bloggers party (same night i met alice dellal)

.......................i die for balenciagas 2004 goat fured coat


The Style Revolution said...

That coat is amazing.. I love All Saints..

Anonymous said...

Fucking animal cruelty
is it really worth paying the extra 100 pound when you can get somethig just as nice knowing hundreds of animals have suffered for it
why do we think were so superior?
Don't get me wrong I'm obsessed with fashion, but sheepskin or leather or fur isn't necessary...

Anonymous said...

I understand your argument however just like we see the pictures of these people looking great In a jacket, you to, just a regular girl are setting a trend which may be followed by others... See the vicious circle. I'm glad you see my point though :)

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CĂ©line KG. said...

Ugh, I don't like it...Poor Animals...

You're OBSESS by this coat ( jacket ?) : )