Saturday, 20 March 2010

im simply 19 and exhausted with life. Feels like ive been spending so much time trying to achieve something in life, but im starting to feel like allot of things in my life just arent worth waisting my time on...and the the problem is i know what i want from life...i just cant cuz ive been brought up thinking their a wast of time.
Now i finally understand my split personality, im stuck trying to pleas my parents and myself and the reality is i might end up disappointing both.
So what i do in situations like this is i tap into my spoiled nature and say
"I will have my cake and eat it to" the end of the day where all going to be happy
.....just promise yourself that and from my experience you'll be just fine(might not play out exactly as planned but the end result will defiantly remain the same).

Alright thats my motivational speech for today


The Style Revolution said...

You rock for 19!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Paz said...

Lovely blog ^^
Follow me if you want and I follow you!

with love :)

Starlet said...

Wow..Your miles away but at exactly the same place ( in life and mentaly) as me. Love your blog and thanks for putting words to the way i feel! Love from norway

Starlet said...
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I'm Heraid said...

Love your blog. I turn 19 tomorrow and I can tell you I definitely will be bored. I might have to steal that picture. And odn't get down on yourself, things will look up :]

Anonymous said...

u still have a long way to go! enjoy being 19! =)