So, I've been working on a little something something which I've dreaded to share. Personally because I never feel that I'm  quite satisfied nor finished with my work. Also between my university studies and trying to find a job it leaves little to no time to actually do something remotely interesting.
BUT, I decided screw it, just do it!!! and that I have.
This is the first of many issues i plan on releasing this year.
It's a once monthly megaZINE which will be exploring different  themes, issues places.
But one things for sure and thats the ever so present 90's influence.
If you've read my blog you know I live in a bubble where Dylan Mckay is still going out with Brenda Walsh and so this will be right up your ally.

But you must be wondering...what the heck is a megaZINE?
Well its a Zine, but with a pinch of 21 century technology...hahaha...I won't say more than that.
So read it, by all means spread it and I really really really want to know what you guys think
 what you like, what you dislike, what you want more or less of and what you'd maybe like to offer?
So ill let you get to it okay just follow these simple instructions

1.Click on the (image of the) issue you want to read and it will link you to a sendspace page you can donwload the pdf file . 
2.Click on the CLICK HERE TO START DOWNLOAD FROM SENDSPACE and not the first thing you see 
3. Your on the right track if the file your loading is called Tape Vol1 
4.Now don't worry its got no viruses or bugs I've trial'd this on as many library computers as I could :P
5.Now that your calm and your file is downloaded, it will open with power point. When your in the program just click to start the full screen slideshow.
6. MAY I STRESS THAT YOU USE THE 4 SECOND RULE BETWEEN CLICKS!!! When the show starts watch, wait 4 seconds, THEN CLICK(or hit spacebar) aaannnd repeat! EASY!
Do this or it might happen that u missed/overlapped an audio or gif.

Please email me at TapemegaZine@live.com with feedback, comments and well advice anything!!!
...also may i stress that this is a nonprofit Zine so no lawsuits please and like total major disclaimer(wow can you believe i have a law degree...)
All the written work is my intellectual property thank you very much! AND images are all from tumblr as well as audio from youtube so zip it!