Friday, 28 March 2008

Feeling fat, bored and tired. College was hell, but big surprise there. yesterday some dude decided to kill himself and jump of a bridge. Caused major traffic since it was a bridge over some highway...everyone was late for work and as I'm walking to college pissed as hell that i had to WALK to college unaware of this i taught my life couldn't suck anymore.
Today actually started of as a wonderful day...well the morning didn't start so well as it was raining as hell but it's never brought my fine mood down. However later into the day things start to get be precise two shitty things happened. A "guy" issue which ide rather not speak of, and some skinny ass whore issue that ide love to speak of. Now this skinny ass whore isn't some blond popular girl at my college as i am practically immune to them, but some ugly teacher of mine that sooo totally out to get me! Now honestly with the fear that she will someday find this page im not gonna go into detail but i am going to say this.....Go F*$? yourself!
.....attitude, i don't have freaking attitude problem i JUST DON'T TAKE SHIT FROM PEOPLE. Anyway i feel much better now.

Another dude that "killed" themselves (seriously my money's on Courtney!)
Smells like shit and spirit....Kurt Cobain

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