Thursday, 1 January 2009

God im going to miss layers.....2008 went out not only in a huge explosion of colours, but set off the next cycle of seasons and trends that are to be followed in fashion. Personally I'm a little scared as for whats to come for i felt that 2008 was an amazing years for fashion. I mean It had Grunge and Hippie inspired collections throughout the year, which pretty much embodies all my beliefs. I'm both exited and scared as to what is to come and i must say I'm not to exited about spring and their romantic floral trends. 2008 was the only year in which Floral where presented in a more modern less romantic way as Balenciaga showcased a more harder and colder nature to the floral print with the help of the fabrics and shapes he choose to drape his audience with. being much of a hippie it would be expected that i would literally bade in them, but i think i take the philosophy more literally then its style and prefer to look like a rockstars groupie.
Oh well so far 2009 has been great and i promised the start of my street style, nightlife edition post to be coming soon, when i follow creatures of Brighton elites doing what they do best.

Farewell, Fur, decorative legs, My beloved bowler hat(or maybe not), Hippies and fellow grunges and insane heels! May 2009 yet again welcome you with open arms.


Fashion Addict said...

I'm not the biggest fan of springs floral trends, but then again sometimes I have a desire to wear a cute flower dress every now then. Hope you have a wonderful year!

Dana said...

Great post!

I'm scared and excited too!!

My blog is back, you can pick january's hot guy, this month is about rockstars, which one is your favourite?

Mimi said...

I love this whole grunge/hippie trend... Layering is my favorite.


Erin said...

Love the photos of Erin Wasson, she's such a babe