Tuesday, 25 May 2010

so so sorry!
On top of studying for exams, going out with friends, getting depressed, awesome weather, hanging out on the beach and polishing up on the new blog i havent really sleept.
Now im keeping one of my promises which was to share a quick iDairie of my trip to the Net-a-Porter denim boutique launch.

So it started of with me waking up early havent decided what to wear. I was stressing and pulling out my entire closet as usual that i dont even know why i bother cleaning my room.
Now I always wear leather pants whenever i wear pants and i didnt want to go for the Alexa Chung look and pair it with a shirt. I also see denim as casual wear, which im not to fond of so getting dressed was a pain.
So finally ready, sadly late for the train and even more late for the buss.

I then break the sole of my wedges and try fixing it with gum......

finally get to westfields and no that's not excitement in my eyes, its just very natural for me to look droopy even though i have huge eyes and me and my dad have this habit of looking to awake in pictures at times hahaha ( i look like that councillor from glee)

Net a Porter's new head office is made out of allot of open space, lights and glass, very modern and contemporary, I literally plan on moving in.

we enjoyed a lovely presentation of the brands available online,

help from the denim team to find our perfect pair of jeans and lots of champagne. I also met loads of lovely characters and got to meet up with Tala again.
.......a couple of days later.

......hmm whats this?


pilcuis said...

I love your shoes!!
what an amazing week you have :)


Claire said...

ahhhh, so frickin jealous. xx

ces-fils-qui-nous-remuent said...

ow nice