Wednesday, 8 December 2010

....The woman in my life

Loved her for being everything I wanted to be....
I dont care what my teacher tells me.....IM GONNA BE A SUPERMODEL,
yepp as I young, not quit tween girl I'd been obsessed with American High School teen drama.
I mean I had no clue what was going on but was rather intrigued by their cliques.
I longed for High school before I even started pre school and was determined to join the likes of the tall pretty girls who always seemed happy, and did I mention where really pretty.
Now obviously my life was hell as I realized I was not pretty or tall enough. I had so many in perfections they couldn't even be seen as cute.
I got along with boys more than I did with girls and despite dressing the part I couldn't quit act the part.
I had some brief success towards the end of 9th grade, even if it ment selling my soul to the shedevil and getting an eating disorder.
....and when I moved over to England and finally started High school, well lets just say I spent every waking minute in the library, would never step foot in the cafeteria and would not so much as open my mouth for an entire day, because I simply couldn't talk to anyone...
On a brighter note, I got out of there and people are still surprised on how extremely social I can be, if I like you.
I literally transform Cher.

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