Monday, 27 December 2010

SS 2011 Lookbook

.....I cant believe its TOPSHOP, kinda makes me wish I hadnt abandond my earlier days of minimalism/futurism look wear I just had to buy anything that was asymetrical
Source: Caroline Mode

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Maye, Wool and leather cardigan - Joseph, Leather A-line dress - Acne,Hybria leather wedge boots

This outfit.....
would cost you £1345
But will cost you £941.5
.....saving you £403.5

Which could if (you like) go towards a new Basics revamp for your closet sponsored by TOPSHOP

3 Muscle Back Vest By Boutique - £20 each

A little Black...Not so convential dress, Bodycon Wing Sleeve Dress - £38

Leopard Vintage Faux Fur Coat - £98, Black Satin Collar Tux Jacket - £65,
Crop Leather Biker Jacket - £70

Faux Leather Stretch Skinny Trousers - £38, MOTO Black Baxter Skinny Jeans - £40,
Basic Bodycon Skirt - £12
which will cost you £421...well alright if your a student(and if your not have one purchase your items) you'll recieve a 10% discount which totals at 378.9
Still saving you 42 pounds and 10 pence!!!!

Which could get you a nice suscribtion to Elle UK

................................which is still cheaper than a pair of Balmain pants, on sale!!!!!!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Now i opened my presents yesterday because in Sweden we celebrate it on the 24th, but we'll be eating our on weight today

Thursday, 23 December 2010


Wearing: Blaxk Zara Leather Jacket, Burgundy Red(?) All Saints Hoodie, Steel Grey (hahaha im obviouslly shit at this) Topshop ripped crop top, Weekday Skirt and black Doc Martens.
ooh and necklasething from Topman =]
its sooo cold the last thing on my mind is to dress sensibly. I've not left the house unless its absolutely necessary...
Here's a pic of me at River Island. Im not a fan of there stuff but my Dad loves to shop here...

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

This looks like a job for Superman....

My anglomanian readers may well be aware of the chaos and disruption the recent weather has brought our teacup.
Having lived in Sweden most of my life.....I've experienced my fair share of "snow" sorry if all of this seems terribly pathetic when the grounds barely covered in "snow".
My brother was ment to leave Stockholm December 19 for London....still waiting for the Brits to FUCKING get there shit together.
I hope he makes it for Christmas and everyone else that remain stranded....
.......this looks like a job for Superman

Thursday, 16 December 2010

I hate not being there you go, here I am, lets not see each other ever again dont know me and you probably wouldnt care. I dont know why I base every single one of my decisions on your feelings. So fuck you, cuz if I ever was to be open and honest you'd probably just tell me to fuck off.
its not worth it, being nice to nothing being who you are, they already dont like you for you anyways. Fuck you, Fuck you....FUCK YOU! Now I feel better....I know you like me.

Wearing: Fur coat, Velvet dress from New Look, Fishnet Knee socks from John Lewis, Office shoes and Topshop Backpack.

P.S im not bitching over some dude, just people in general
and who is this friend that dropped a comment I must know who you are!