Wednesday, 21 September 2011

So its getting pretty cold and the transition from fall to winter is barely clear here in Sweden(or at least for a girl that hasn't lived here for the past 5 years) Im dreading the idea of the snow hitting the ground, having to replacing my heels for skis(i joke..), simply changing practical fashion...which isn't that fashionable at all.
So my old ways of getting away with simply layering allot underneath my coats this winter(or fall) just won't do I think I'm going to have to look for something that actually is warm, not just appears to be.....


Eva Ana Kazić said...

Mkay so we have the same coat taste. What else?


Gypsy Gardens said...

ah i hate when you have to be all practical with fashion when it's freezing cold. only thing worse is when people start to ask "are you not cold in that?". ha. got to love them :D
but these coats are wonderfuuuul! :)