Tuesday, 24 January 2012


.......its about time these babies arrived


Sofia Sars said...


rebecca said...

haha i love them x

yemi said...

the shoes are sublime, but i am tall :( this is a late comment, so apologies apologies, yeah im studying law in brighton atm the moments, and it well taxing... how is the masters going ? (and in what )

one day i fear the dms may make an appearance, also i did see some paisley dms reduced from £235 to £85 on the UO website, but alas i could not afford, probably good right ? i have this complex that everything i only will go with everything and often it just doesnt.

wish you well ( and your giving me mad hair inspo, love the greeny blue.)


miriam said...


miriam said...

really? var köpte du dom?? :)

Wends said...

holy shit i love YOU.
collages are sick as is your style.
thank you for the sweet post :)

i only get underground from hk when i go back..

Pamela said...

You are so fucking cool!!! Haha love your shoes