Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013...8 days later

Ever notice how a song can make a sad moment even sadder, longer...even harder to forget afterwards? Ofcourse you do, this is 2012, whoops 13(got to stop doing that) and by now even third world countries has at least got the first generation iPod. I've been doing this thing where i write down a song for each day, since this year(8 days...probably forget afterwards). Anyways, new years are hard, just like the day, the next year is this huge hype fest where you carry such great expectations about how things will turn around quickly. As if some superhero spun on the axis of the earth and gave us this second chance to do things right this time. The thing we don't understand is one, making comic book references at 22 is no longer cool, thats so 2004, and two its a new year new opportunities so if you plan on stumbling into the same path as before, just so that you now can do them right, your bound to screw things up again. How those that make 2013 a new year filled with new opportunities and possibilities? This time just try, not to do, what you think your about to do. There is this self distractive attitude one tends to adopt to make you feel like the victims of an imagination. I am a self confessed basket case of that. I spend way to much time in my head, i give myself pep talks, sing to myself, give myself internal interviews...you know kokok stuff. Anyways back to the point...being a victim of your own imagination makes dealing with real life crisis hard, you can always talk yourself in repeating mistakes. Thats why this illusion of 2013 being the best year ever is complete and utter bullshit...Have low expectations, i have, and something truly amazing just happened (but i still hate my life and this shit is bound to go rotten to)
ps. there like only 4hr of light in sweden so its not ideal for outfit posting especially as I'm always working now so...bear with me ill try to show up on here....eventually

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