Saturday, 23 February 2013


You wanna be comfortable but still feel insanely hot. So for a long time my go to look has always been skinny black jeans, white t-shirt(not black..why you ask?) and insanely unpractical THEATRICAL HEELS!!!(its because with a black tee combo it will go from simplism to..well the matrix...which is good I always alter between that and simplism) Its easy and I know people accessories and so on, but nah...not for me its way to much of a awkward touch on me (yeah yeah I know I've worn them before but i never said i liked it). But to sort of ompf things up I've moved from not only matching my (crazy long where did you come from) nails to my lipstick (i know right weird, me lipstick?!) but now my heels. I love red heels in the simplest designs. I can't usually stand colourful cloths on me. I draw enough awkward looks as it is...
NOTE: DO NOT GO OVERBOARD AND MATCH UR LIPS NAILS AND SHOES...ITS A BIT OCD LOOKING, unless your wearing all white(thing i may have come up with a nice trend there...)

OH and pleas read the single best story I've read since fashion week commenced (and boy has there been nothing remotely interesting walked down the runway) I taught I was the only one (as all of us 20 somethings often mistake) that was sooooo freaking pissed of buy the annoyingness of fashion week street style and the damn posers that are trying waaaay to hard right now. And how the whole purpose of fashion week know what? I feel a rant coming on, on how much I fucking hate fashionbloggers at fashion week so I'm going to stop now before i offend someones "profession". 
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Sofia Sars said...

awesome shoes <3

Anonymous said...

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Sofia Sars said...

nej jag vet, det är så sjukt sorgligt, tveklöst den största förlusten inom musikvärlden i modern tid.
hahaah maybe! nej men jag älskar den, eugene jansson är en riktig favorit!