Tuesday, 13 August 2013

empty out your bag bitch this is a stick up!!!

....my bag is sadly not as organised as it seems when i lay everything out like this....its more of a mess as in i can stand still for 3minutes trying to find my phone....failing at it and having to ask my friend to call it because I'm convinced I've lost it....again.

Card holder, change, nail polish(i mean why do i carry this and when did i wast money purchasing them?), lipgloss....ehm okay? must have laid there for awhile, concealer (not that this insomniac needs it thank you very much) chocker (but its more like my weapon...), Compact with eyeshadow....(i don't wear eyeshadow i just bought it cuz i love how shallow i look when i reflect myself in it, that and chanel dosnt do shit for black completcions) Sunglasses (reason why i don't need concealer....) and my keys which could constitute as extra luggage as there so heavy and impossible to fit into a pocket or a clutch....had them since i was 13, so yeah not the chicest accessory but i saw this movie once where a girl had like hundreds of keychains which i taught was kind of cool and well...it makes them easier to spot whenever i can't find them(also weapon numero 2)

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