Monday, 21 October 2013

that time of the month

no im not talking about my period, but that time of the month when you get paid, and just for one day you allow yourself to go batshit crazy and buy whatever the fuck you want, or if your like me, items youve been having oh-so inappropriate dreams about and tried to fit into your tightly wound budget haha.

Although this time you sorta loosen the grip and buy things you can easily slip into your closet without having to buy a new one to accommodate them 
If your a minimalist, shopping is actually MUCH MORE expensive.
Im not joking, this t shirt and black pants combo dont come cheap, or easy

So for me its a defiantly keeping to the basics and buying stuff i already own because i wear them so much and like to believe that i have options (clean not clean t shirts) and accent points like a new lipstick, necklace or even socks, cuz what i love spending big bucks on are shoes and when i have my eye set on something i got to get it! 
If i decide on getting the shoe this month, next month i opt for my second splurge item (the coat). 
So stay tuned cuz i might share my current fall favourites items from my closet in a new vid, if around to it...dont be mad if i dont hahaha

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