Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas List:interior edition

I believe peoples homes very much resemble that of the personality of a cat. And my would obviously be Garfield. Its rather laid back stubborn and well okay lets be honest not lazy!
now i spend ALLOT of time at home, mostly dragging my feet around drinking (TEA,WATER,CRANBERRY JUICE!!!)....and for as long as ive had my own room ive been obsessed with with creating spaces. Like i have all the Sims games and i mainly play it because i love to build the houses and decorate the room to my liking and then there just abandoned hahaha. However in real life there are no cheat codes giving me unlimited funds so buying furnitutre hasnt really been easy. Now arguably its because i love the whole non clutter emptyness thing, im less stressed out by that but unfortunatly ive gotten allot of crap for my apartment being big enough for me to skate around in without bumping into anything so I sorta need to ditch that whole "just moved in look".

So after 2 years my apartment is still a work in progress and although im not to exited to waste money decking out a space big enough for five people to live in, i need to, or like none of my friends will come over (and when im done decorating ill replaces your loser asses!) So here are a few things id like to get for now just to complete my living room and then id say I'm...almost(not even close) done.
But until then I'm pretty happy with my famous yellow couch :)


Thevisionarybutterfly said...

Can you update Lady?! Lol

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