Friday, 5 September 2008

ARGH! Okay im F-ing out right now! This place is fine and all but once your dreams starts getting haunted by you chasing a running Topshop stores in a pair of Sky high Psycho Ballerina Louboutin Heels you know you've lost it! I need my daily dose of Fashion and im sorry that i didnt make this detox but at least ive lasted longer than Lohan. This fashion rehab is to much of a mental stress on moi and im ready to F-ing relapse.
And apparently Mary kate stole My job and is single handedly bringing Grunge Back? ...god this one very long nightmare. I'll be back soon and with avengance and a Shopping spree to OD on. So far i need to get:
1. Leather Leggings from AA
2. Plaid Shirt
3. Stokings From Topshop
4. Peep toe lace heeled Boots

5. Guns N Roses Logod T shirt in Black

6. Ramons Logod T shirt in Black/Grey
7. Fur Coat, or An over sized knit ripped Cardi (whichever one i spot First)

And dont be shocked if i end up looking like this young lady for most of the fall/winter 08
Oh and appernatly Jared Leto Was in London strolling around...and where was I?...appernatly not stalking him
Oh and miss you to on MSN Soman


J'Adore Fashion said...

welcome back!!!, am loveing those stockings from topshop--awaiting you OD spree pics :)

Anonymous said...

Jared Leto is currently at home in LA
but he was there during the Kerrang awards

Bridge. said...

I can't see the Olsen pics!
Little red crosses are the bane of my existance.

Richel said...

I love that outfit. Is she wearing lace tights?

myriam said...

Lovely tights!! You have to tell me how the test went!

S said...

Sounds like a wonderful 'want' list to me! Can't wait til you come back to the blog for good :)

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw man, I wish we had TopShop here! Those tights are gorgeous and I've been looking for some for a while, but alas, no stores seem to carry such tights here. :(

Anyway, also like that picture you posted of Caroline, she has such awesome style!

*Romeo% said...

i love her leggings, and i love your page.