Saturday, 16 July 2011

Auf wieder sehen

where most decisions are made in my house I had an argument/debate with my little sister about blogs and most specificlly how mines sorta derailed from the one thing that made me start my blog....Fashion.
Theres no fashion whatsover, yes maybe the things I love and obsses over and occasionally me are here but it all reacks of angst and 90s nostalgia.
Frankly I feel that im more comfortable with what im "blogging about right now" rather than the trendy stuff I did before.
I still follow fashion and talk about it whenever I run into someone with a spark of interest in that subject, but never on my blog or at least not how i used to.
Maybe becuase every other blog out there does just that its rather boring when I read a few of the blogs out there and see the same images
....well im taking up this challange now.
1 week of saturated fashion oriantated posts and we'll see just how what kind of reception ill get.
yes i realize saying that ur all under watch might hamper the end results but im more than happy to hear what you guys think.
Note, nothing fake or staged will be posted, its more like me putting more time on the blogg and posting about things i usually glance at and go "naaaah theyll read that somewhere else...."

1 comment:

isis said...

i like that you don't talk about the same bullshit everyone else does. and you dress differently. who wants to see the same shit over and over??