Sunday, 17 July 2011


Catwoman meets Enid Coleslaw, need I say more?
Where talking Latex, Velvet, Fur and Masks...on paper this may read as one screwed up porno.
However, one things for sure and thats this collection indefinatly being fully capable of getting any lover Riccardo Tisci to get all hot and sweaty.
With is subtel sexiness, the drop hem mesh brings an allure that can only be associated with the natures sleekest feline, the Puma.
She's classy, and the animal kingdoms version of the LBD. There simplicity yet captivating apperance makes for an exellet collection of garments for the those lady interested in taking a walk on the wild side.
...and that cap...well its simply captivating.
(im to lazy to correct that tipo...)

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Elle said...

:O the hat with ears... I need this in my life!

Elle x