Sunday, 7 August 2011


and when she returned to her crystal castle there was nothing but shattered glass.
The moment her heart was was her world.
Foaled that she resided in a world of diamonds, solid in its law, just with its beauty.
She was equally foaled that she lived in a world of love.
there lay no truth in what she saw or felt, she was simply to young to know
WEARING: cut-off H&M shirt, Vintage white leather skirt and Stella McCartney wedges


Sofia Sars said...

gorgeous!! ;)

Anja said...

älskar kjolen!

Temi Edun said...

Like the cut off shirt and high waist skirt combination.

Elle said...

I think I have that shirt - but it looks so much better cut off! What a great DIY x


Taylor said...

Oh my goddddddddd I love this, I want your shirt. I'm so so into the all white/buttoned all the way up thing