Saturday, 6 August 2011

Frances Bean will have her revenge

Probably the soul individual id love to morph into if I ever had a choice to never be me again.
The Frankenstein like creation of greatest pioneers of 90's alternative rock, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love....they sure left a legacy behind them.
I recall reading an early Teen Vogue interview on how she didn't want to follow her parents foot steps and become a musician (WHY NOT) but would rather be a fashion designer.
Now she's better recognized for her goolish art work that is very reminiscent of the style that her late father shared.
She's really become her own going to stop now before my new found obsession with her becomes an endless rant.


Anja said...

så jävla snygg e hon!

Jeena said...

i've always loved Frances Bean's style <3 considering im a huge fan of her father!
your blog is now one of my favorites.x

Sofia Sars said...

hahah that's awesome, joan's so great ;)
i just did a post about frances bean too! haha, gotta love her because of her dad. i'd also like to be her...

MishSmash said...

im a bit obsessed as well...she's sickeningly beautiful.

liv said...

ahhhhhhhh wow, imagine