Monday, 10 October 2011

Fade into you...

whats on my mind this month. Halloween, dying my hair purple because frankly why not? The song by MAZZY STAR, thats been popping up at the wrong time in the right place and I'm starting to believe that its trying to tell me something? Whats your interpretation of the song? Rookiemag(I'm to old for the place but i still love it) Witches and how i used to want to be one(a bad one of course), my spells that i used to pass of as poems as a kid(I've got one to make the wind follow my command) Bjork and her new album, Blue hair, being depressed and living in a shell of guck secondhand smoke. Early nights and late mornings, A boy, any boy, something to vent my angst out on, my vintage Lithium record by NIRVANA which i cherish so much.

Id love to love but I'm going to settle with hating it.

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