Monday, 3 October 2011


So since i moved down to Stockholm from Brighton my life has been sort of...AWKWARD.
I've got classes at uni on a freaking Saturday, everyone seems to be to old or illiterate for me to talk to. Outside of uni, Sweden isnt to "famed" for its night life and we all know how much I love to go out and never come back home. But the reality is....I barely leave my room anymore.
Which is kinda sad yes, but ive been doing allot of online shopping if its any consolidation?

Not so much working, sufficient amount of studying, but mostly allot of sulking.

The other day i went shopping on my own, which has become a new norm and i just hated that feeling of being the only one on the train with no clue about anything.
I mean if you ever catch me on the train...ill probably be sitting on both my hands in an effort to stop fidgeting while looking down on my feet listening to music nobody wants to hear.
Yeah im kind of sad, but they keep telling me ill get better.(right now im planning something a bit more sufficient....)
On the upside, got a great apartment of my dad, a really nice roomate who happens to be an old childhood friend...but my interior design skills has proven to not have translated just as well of my the sims 2 game.
you can probably catch a peek of my room in the background.
I've got to stop spending my money on clothes and start buying furniture soon...
then again that makes this life permanent...and id like to think of things as temporary...makes life easier to bear.
I don't know if u can tell but my hair is navy blue...I want to dye it purple though :) any good dye tips


Lonesome Mama said...

Love the outfit and stockholm neeeeo, I live in sweden but stockholm isn't the funniest place to be. How long are gonna stay, the swedish winter will soon come and, I feel sorry for ya*! <3

Sofia Sars said...

for what it's worth, i think you look grrreat! the hair is awesome ;) (och man måste få lägga lite, eller mycket, pengar på kläder också och inte bara nödvändiga saker hehe)

isis said...

Still love your outfit:) I hate new cities, not knowing anyone. I still go everywhere by myself, and it's been like two years. Maybe I'm just a loser though.

Rich Hippie said...

aww thanks guys.
And Isis your not a loser, I actually like walking around on my one for the most of the it, I just hate coming home alone, talking to myself, not really having that outreach of socialism.
Im sort of one of those selfish people that if i don't want you around u can't be around. But at the same time I need you around just to remind me that I'm not insane or a total loser, sorta reassuring me that its okay to be the way I am.
I had loads of friends in brighton and still, I have none...and still complain :)
Hopefully things will change...or I'll have to.

Arvida said...

hey gal! would be funz to hang out. add me on facebook (emma arvida elisabeth byström) u can find me there. to. often. geh./arvida

Sofia Sars said...

i know, me too. he was just... flawless.

miriam said...

viv! you can call me anytime if you wanna meet up, 0721748447 xx

miriam said...

i think that Blue Fox on Gamla brogatan 27 have that hair thing you asked for hehe

what are u talking about?? the new season of two and a half men are so damn good!!